Racing Ignition Coil Yamaha YZ250 YZ 250 1989-2004

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Brand new high peformance racing ignition coil to fit:

Yamaha YZ 250 WR (1989-1990).

Yamaha YZ 250 (1990-1995).

Yamaha YZ 250 (2002-2004).

This racing igniton coil has 55mm centre to centre, 1 spade connector an 1 HT lead. It has been specifically designed to fit and upgrade the oriignal coil on a Yamaha YZ250 with the part numbers: 3SR-82310-10, 4MX-82310-00, 3RB-82310-00 or 4JX-82310-00

It has higher performance by producing a better spark and more efficient burning of fuel, so better economy. As bike enthusiasts ourselves we'd always reccomend spending that little extra to upgrade to the racing coil as you'll certainly notice a better spark and it'll cost you less over time.

Please note that some YZ 250 models do have 80mm mounting points so check that your original coil has 55-60mm mounting points before purchase.